This short guide will cover each of the features that are available on the Mobile app for managing your webstore using TAKU E-Commerce.

Downloading the Mobile App

  1. From the TAKU E-Commerce Control Panel, select the Mobile option under the Sales Channel section in the left-hand navigation menu.

2. Then, click the "Get the App" Button. This will give you the option to download straight from the app store if you're on a mobile device, or you can enter your phone number to receive a text message with a download link.

3. Once you have downloaded the app, it will prompt you to connect your store. This will open your device's camera to scan the QR Code found in the same "Get the App" download in your webstore control panel.

4. The app will then load your store's details with the "Today" tab opened. This screen will show you an "at a glance" look at your store's performance. You can filter sales for the past week or month, view the list of tasks for ongoing orders, or view abandoned carts and the specific products which were included.

5. The Orders tab will display a list of all existing orders, which you are able to filter based on the status of the order (whether it has been paid, or shipped). This is very useful for changing the status of orders which have already been fully paid for and are ready for posting to your ACE Retail 3000 POS system.

6. The Products tab shows you a list of all your products which are uploaded to the webstore. You can click an item to view product details including the ability to remove its availability online. If you are adjusting fields such as price, description, or weight then you will want to verify your update options in ACE so that they do not overwrite your changes when clicking the "Update Items from Webstore" button in ACE Retail.

7. The Discount tab shows you the coupon codes which are currently active and usable by customers. Press the plus button at the top to create a new discount coupon for standard "Discount", "Free Shipping", or a combination of both. You can also pause or re-activate codes and set a minimum subtotal spending for it to apply.

8. The Store tab gives you access to many of the setup options available in your control panel on the web.

Storefront and Website -> "Customize Storefront" give you access to the "Design" screen which you would normally find on the web control panel. Here you can adjust some of the display options for the product details and categories pages.

The "Payments" option gives you access to enable or disable certain tender/payment types, or to add a brand new type.

Under the "Shipping and Pickup" section you can adjust the available options for your shipping or in-store pickup, including setting a minimal spending amount for free shipping, or changing the origin where the item is shipped from. You can also enable notifications to let your customers know the status of their delivery.

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