If your eCommerce store would like customers to pick up their products on site, the eCommerce module allows for customers to pick up their purchases instead of having to wait for them to be ship via mail. Additionally to the regular shipping options you can also make the in-store pickup an option for your customers convenience.

To add a new in-store pickup option:

  • Go to your store Control Panel > Shipping & Pickup > Shipping & Pickup
  • Under the "Add a new shipping method" category, locate the "In-store Pickup" option and click the "Add in-store Pickup" button:
  • Under the "Order Pickup label at checkout" option, enter a name for it, this is what ¬†will be displayed to customers at checkout.
  • Under the "Detailed instructions for customers" option, enter any detailed instructions you would like your customers to see for example: Where, When and How your customers can pickup their purchases.
  • Under the "Pickup charge" option, enter any extra charges that your customer will need to pay if they pick the option for "in-store pickup"
  • Once you are done entering the settings for in-store pickup, click the "Add Pickup Option" button.

After this your new in-store pickup option will be available and your customers will be able to select it.

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