From the main screen click under Inventory > Inventory List

Click on the "+"(add) button located at the top right corner of the screen.

Enter the information for the product that you are creating. Under "Basic info" the following fields are mandatory, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), Description and Sell Price. 

By Default when adding a new inventory product the "Stock" tab will be selected under the "Inventory Details" which contains the following info: Dimensions, Weight, Volume, Stock Levels and Costing for the product. 

Under the "Details" tab, you can add the following info: Alternative Description, Long Description, Policy for this product, Image(s) of the product and Tags.

Under the "History" Tab, you will see the history for the product.

Under the "Google Shopping" Tab, you will be able to enter Basic Product Data, Product Identifiers, Product Categories and Detailed Product Description that will be uploaded to Google using the Google Shopping integration.

Once you have entered the Required fields under "Basic Info" and have entered the rest of the information you need for the product, you can press the Save button and the product will now be part of your inventory.

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